Schedule Physical Therapy and Keeping Up With Recovery

Schedule Physical Therapy and Keeping Up With Recovery

Physical therapy is vital for many injuries. If you’ve had surgery or a severe soft-tissue injury, then you need physical therapy. Unfortunately, most insurance companies aren’t happy to jump up and pay the tab for therapy. Additionally, they fight tooth and nail that the medical team assigned physical therapy when it wasn’t needed.

Don’t miss the opportunity for a full recovery with the benefits of physical therapy. It could be the difference between feeling great for years to come and just being sore again after a few weeks. Car accident injuries can follow people all their life, leading to chronic pain syndrome and other issues.

What To Expect in Physical Therapy

Your very first appointment will follow the basic lines of an assessment. Even if you’re not directly going through tasks such as, raise your hands over your head, your PT is watching you. Act naturally and talk about the restrictions with your movement or odd sensations. People with back pain might initially assume it’s their back. That’s the problem, but after a trained PT watches them, they may deduce it’s actually a hip misalignment.

The point of physical therapy is to build up muscle that’s lost or weakened. Doing so can help pull parts of the body back to where they belong or bring them back to a high-functioning capacity.

After that first visit, your physical therapist will lay out what you should expect and what they expect of you. If they want to see you every day they’ll tell you the time what to wear, and more. Additionally, if they’re only seeing you once or twice a week, they’ll probably give you exercises to do at home. Unfortunately, what they can’t really discuss is a recovery timeline. Physical therapy works as much as you do. So if you’re not doing the exercises at home, if you’re not following certain restrictions, then you won’t recover in a realistic time frame.

Is It Something You Will Have to Keep Up With?

Yes, you’ll certainly have homework after a physical therapy appointment. Usually, people don’t have physical therapy every day of the week. Even if you only have weekends off right now, your therapist will want you to try to do some stretches or movements at home. These will often not be the same movements or exercises you do with your therapist because they don’t want you to take the chance of straining yourself.

Many physical therapists will urge patients that even if you’re sore or tired that it’s vital for you to do it every day. After a crash, physical therapy might seem like too much. But people often underestimate the power of even a low-speed crash. If you’re sore, in pain, or something feels off, then you should talk to your doctor about physical therapy options.

You might have the option for physical therapy without an underlying issue such as a broken bone or more serious injury. Physical therapy is often the treatment for soft-tissue injuries, including whiplash. The goal here is to rebuild muscle to prevent the development of worse issues down the road.

Prioritize Your Recovery

It’s easy to say, well, I have to file my taxes or clean my house, or I have a really big project at work. The trouble is that physical therapy won’t wait. If your doctor recommended physical therapy, then you need to make an appointment right away.

Making that appointment early can let you plan the rest of your life around your recovery. Your health should be a top priority in your life. It will be a factor to live with long after work and other day-to-day events.

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