How Social Media Can Hurt Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Claim

Las Vegas personal injury claim

Not many people realize what they post on social media can greatly impact them in their real-life matters. Processing a Las Vegas personal injury claim is one such instance where social media can prove to be harmful. An insurance company can use any information against you. Even if you post an incomplete photo of your health, they can twist it to prove that you may have not been injured in the accident.

Reason to Be Conscious on Social Media:

You may be inclined towards posting on your social media to inform friends and family about your well-being after an accident. However, if you are filing a personal injury claim, you must consult a Las Vegas personal injury attorney before posting anything as it can impact your case.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be careless about posting on social media after an accident.

  • Privacy Is an Illusion:

Nothing’s ever private on social media. Even if you think you’re safely posting on your private account, it is still at risk of being exposed. This is because social media companies share the user’s data whenever and wherever they need it, as they own that data. When it comes to insurance companies, they would go to all extents – whether it be using legal or illegal tactics.

The insurance company might even drop a request to start following your posts on social media as a stranger or acquaintance. If not that, they may attempt to follow some of your friends to see any post you’ve been tagged in recently. So, if you want to talk to your parents or friends, do it the good old-fashioned way by making a phone call.

  • Insurance Companies Use Your Posts Against You:

Insurance companies do not care about ethics. They will do everything they can to not let you win your case of a Las Vegas personal injury claim. It won’t bother them to use your post against you. You might not be directly posting about the accident, but the insurance company will twist everything to its use.

Some people are active on social media and tend to resume posting as soon as they feel better, that may be around 24 hours later the accident. This may make you feel like you’re imprisoned because the insurance company completely denies your pain and suffering. The post may not be used to completely deny you the compensation but it can jeopardize some part of it for future treatments.

What you can do to avoid any such situation is consult your attorney before posting anything on social media.

  • It Can Invalidate Your Pain and Suffering:

If you sustain serious injuries from getting into an accident, you might be admitted to the hospital for days. In severe cases, you might have had surgeries too. But right after you were discharged, you visit a party and post it on your social media. This one post has the potential to invalidate all the pain and suffering that you had to go through because of another person’s fault.

You have 2 years to file a Las Vegas personal injury claim. Many people don’t file it instantly but take time. Meanwhile, they had been posting on social media without realizing that it can be used against them one day. So by the time they file their case, they have so much content on their profiles that hurts their personal injury claim.

Let Your Attorney Do the Talking:

To legally process a Las Vegas personal injury claim you need to make sure that nothing you do is turned against you. Building a successful case is difficult. Without the proper guidance of an attorney, you will most likely post something or do something that deprives you of attaining the desired compensation amount. When you let your attorney tell your story, instead of jeopardizing the process, your Las Vegas personal injury claim case will become stronger.

An attorney will maintain your medical privacy while sharing details of your treatment with the doctors. They will also take care of all the documentation like securing health records and accident photos. Protecting the statement you give your client is also crucial to the success of the case.

An attorney will help you with that too. Moreover, they can demand to refrain the insurance company from contacting you as it can manipulate your case.

Hiring an Attorney in a Las Vegas Personal Injury Claim Case:

It is important to hire an attorney to get the best out of your Las Vegas personal injury claim. The experienced attorneys of Christian Morris Trial Attorneys have helped many clients to successfully receive their personal injury claims without any trouble. If you want to consult one of our attorneys on your case, call us or visit us online.