Henderson Speed Limit Changes That Lead to Crashes

Henderson Speed Limit Changes That Lead to Crashes

Henderson has seen its fair share of traffic changes as the city grows and develops. However, it is possible for these changes to actually be the root cause of a car accident. Moreover, it may make it difficult to prove fault in a wreck. It’s possible that you and the other driver or drivers have a completely different understanding of the roadway.

When and how can you drive safely when there are these changes? The best way to approach all changes is with caution. Whether you’re going off of posted signage or the speed limit present on your navigation app, you can definitely find yourself struggling to accommodate recent city changes.

Who Decides Speed Limits and How?

Speed limits are often determined or at least suggested by the people who engineered the roadway. They work with the physics of things to determine a safe but efficient speed for travel. To that extent, they are the best suited for the job. However, the city has the final say. Both the city and the engineers can miss out on opportunities to help reduce crashes and fatalities, though. Basically, they can both get it wrong.

So every so often, we see a change in speed limits, which can perpetuate a string of crashes until people adjust. But what happens then? Well, often, the speed limit will go right back to the originally posted limit, causing even more confusion.

One such example that many Henderson residents will recall was the change on I-15 through to Las Vegas. That stretch along the resort corridor dropped down to 55 miles per hour with the hope of reducing crashes. But after three years, the city of Las Vegas decided to change it back. Why? Well, there were still roughly the same amount of accidents.

Why Do Speed Limits Change?

The project mentioned above in Las Vegas as part of an alternative goal to get people to slow while driving by the Strip. But, Henderson has justified many speed changes with the initiative of reducing injuries and traffic-related deaths. Such examples include drastically lowering speed limits near schools, not just as a school zone, but for the entire road.

Another reason for changing speed limits can include changes to the social atmosphere. Shopping hubs will rise and fall in trendiness. As one downtown area gains traction and has increased pedestrian activity, the speed limit will likely fall. Additionally, as people generally flock away from another area, it may be safe to increase the speed limits there.

Then there’s the issue of perceived change. Have you driven down Van Wagenen Drive? It’s a long stretch of road between Lake Mead Drive and Greenway, and the whole thing is 35 mph. It isn’t uncommon for people to hit 60 or 65 by the time they come around to Greenway. The point here is that there are countless changes to local speed limits. But some changes are in the driver’s head, the road feels faster, or there’s the opportunity to get away with it.

The Risk of Complacent Driving

One cause for changing speed limits that weren’t mentioned above is the opportunity to displace complacency. When you have people who know that the speed limit is 55 but that a cop won’t pull you over for under 65 will drive 65 mph. Additionally, people may know that school’s out for summer, and instead of slowing and looking, whizz down the street at high speed. But what about summer school, or kids playing near the school?

Seasoned drivers and people who have lived in one area for a long stretch of time are more likely to have a complacent-associated accident. It’s one of the top reasons why so many accidents happen close to home. You get into a type of autopilot, and it’s hard to break out of that.

Getting yourself A Car Accident Attorney in Henderson

Because of major changes to speed limits in Henderson, it’s easy to get confused on the road. However, that doesn’t mean that these changes should result in someone hitting your vehicle and causing you injuries.

Instead, call Christian Morris Trial Attorneys for support in resolving your car accident injuries that happened in Henderson. With the right legal support, you can try to get full compensation from your insurance policy and hold the at-fault driver responsible. Complacent driving, racing, and general speeding can lead to life-changing injuries. You should expect to have access to the rightful compensation to cover your damages in all capacities. Whenever you’re ready, call a personal injury lawyer with Christian Morris Trial Attorneys in Henderson to get your claim started.