How to Stay Safe on the Roads This Winter in Henderson

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If you live in Nevada, then you know it doesn’t snow all that often. Sure, every now and then you’ll wake up to the white stuff. For the most part, however, the roads stay dry and clear. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with inclement weather in the winter. You should always strive to stay safe on the roads all year long, but especially during the cold season. The roads in Nevada can get icy and dangerous even without snow. When they do, you can count on your Henderson car accident attorney to be there to help.

Thankfully, most of us will never know what it’s like to be in a dangerous car accident. Even if we are involved in a crash, it’s a minor fender bender. The only thing that gets bruised is your ego. Other people aren’t so lucky. If you’re out on the highway when the roads freeze over, you need to be extra careful. You also want to make sure you always have your emergency road kit in the back of your car.

It’s impossible to guarantee that you won’t be involved in a car accident this winter. But if you do, there are a few things you need to do. One of them is to call an experienced Henderson car accident attorney right away.

Always Check The Local Weather Before You Leave The House

It may sound like common sense, but you need to make sure you check the weather before you leave the house. Let’s imagine it’s been raining all day. The roads have started to flood, and you need to travel late to meet a client. The temperatures are supposed to dip below freezing. If you take a few minutes to confirm this before leaving the house, you’ll know to look out for black ice. You’ll also know that what appears to be a puddle could very well be a pile of slush.

If you’re traveling out of town, it’s a good idea to check the local weather for the area you’re traveling to. You could be heading out to visit family a couple of hundred miles away. You want to take the time to review their local weather. You don’t want to wake up the next morning to snow or sleet. If you know the roads are going to be dangerous, you can plan to say an extra night.

Always Keep At Least 10 Car Lengths Between You And The Vehicle In Front Of You

During normal driving conditions, the rule of thumb is to keep about six car lengths between you and the next vehicle. This is so that you have enough time to brake if the driver in front of you slams on their brakes. It also gives you ample time to get around them if they start to drift into another lane. If you want to stay safe on the roads when they are slippery, it’s a good idea to increase this safety buffer to about ten car lengths. You’re going to need extra time to stop or slow down when the roads are bad. The last thing you want to do is slam into the car in front of you. It could be even worse if you end up losing control of your car when you try to stop on a patch of ice. If something like this happens and you get into a wreck, make sure to call a skilled Henderson car accident attorney.

Make Sure You Have An Emergency Road Kit In The Trunk

When winter weather hits, it’s a good idea to keep an emergency road kit in the back of your car. Most people keep it in their trunk. This kit should have the basic safety gear in it. If you break down or get into an accident, you’ll be happy you have this kit. At a minimum, your kit should have the following items in it:

  • A warm blanket in case you get stranded
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Flares
  • Water
  • Extra warm weather gear like a scarf, gloves, and hat

Hopefully, you won’t need any of these things. But Henderson car accident attorneys have seen more than their fair share of clients who were stranded without supplies.

Call And Talk To An Experienced Henderson Car Accident Attorney

You should always try your best to be safe on the roads during winter, but accidents can and do happen. If you happen to get into an accident due to inclement weather this winter, you’re going to need help. You need to focus on getting better. Let an experienced Henderson car accident attorney handle the legal side of things. Call right away and schedule your free, initial consultation.