Steps after Hit and Run Accident in Las Vegas

Car Accident in Las Vegas

Hit and Run Accidents are very traumatic. Accidents of any sort bring immense stress, anxiety, and loss. All around the globe millions of people suffer injuries and financial damages due to accidents. However, the worst possible reaction to an accident happens when the driver involved in the accident flees from the accident site. The driver leaving behind the victim and not offering any compensation, information, first-aid, or even filing a report brings further stress to the situation. Hit and Run Accidents in Las Vegas are the most difficult to solve majorly because the person causing the accident remains unidentified. This leads to numerous legal complications.

Driver’s Responsibilities After a Hit and Run Accident:

Every year thousands of people lose their precious life to road accidents while millions suffer from minor to serious injuries. It is estimated in 2019, approximately 36,096 people lost their lives to car crashes. Among all, the Hit and Run Accidents in Las Vegas are the most devastating. According to the law of the state, it is obligatory for the driver involved in the Hit and Run Accident in Las Vegas to stop their vehicle immediately in case of damages to property, damages to the vehicle, minor injuries, major injuries, or even death. They are required to stay at the scene of an accident until they provide detailed information to the driver. Moreover, they are obligated to provide all necessary information to the reporting police officer and in case the police officer is not present, they are required to contact the nearest police station. Most importantly, they are required to provide immediate medical care and first-aid in case of injuries.

A criminal penalty is given to a person who is involved in a Hit and Run Accident. The penalty is decided according to the severity, damages to the property, human injuries, or death caused due to accident. Apart from the criminal penalty, civil responsibility is also levied on the driver causing the Hit and Run Accident.

Penalty for not abiding by the obligations involves:

  • Imprisonment 2-20 years depending upon the impact and circumstances of the accident
  • Fines up to $2000 – $5,000

Recovery After a Hit and Run Accident in Las Vegas:

Hit and Run accidents are even more dangerous to motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and cyclists as they are less protected and they spend more time on the road daily. Despite the type of accident and the people involved, it is always troublesome to recover from injuries and mental trauma. To enhance the chances of recovery from a Hit and Run Accident, the following steps have been identified:

  • Collect information regarding the accident scene, driver, number plate, and vehicle. If you are mentally and physically stable, then document the available information which becomes primary evidence for the search of the driver. Furthermore, the information provided by people witnessing the accident is equally important as they might be able to fill in more information than the person who faced the accident. Information may include the driver’s appearance, the license plate of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, and the color of the vehicle.
  • Get immediate medical help because such accidents can leave lifelong injuries. Every minute counts after the accident. Instantly call an ambulance as in certain cases there might not be any visible injury but the body could be suffering from internal injuries.
  • Getting a police report is very significant to document the accident, for this reason, it is important to seek immediate help from the police.
  • Gathering all documents related to injuries and the accident are substantial in the recovery process. The severity of injury and damages is identified through medical records whereas the rest of the documents assists in catching the culprit.
  • The time period for civil lawsuits or to seek recovery from an insurance company is limited to 2 years.
  • Analyzing the insurance policies is important before the recovery process.

To avoid stress and complications after a Hit and Run Accident, it is recommended to seek the professional support of a car accident lawyer. The right lawyer will support in documentation & evidence, negotiations, discussing the available options, and filling the case. It is our responsibility to provide you with ease in such difficult times after your accident. We have years of experience to fight for the rights of victims and bring them justice while assisting in the process of recovery.

If you or your loved ones experience the unfortunate event of a Hit and Run Accident in Las Vegas, contact us. We are here to speed up your recovery process and ensure the right claim for you.