Can I Sue a Casino if I Get Drunk and Lose Thousands of Dollars?

Sue a Casino

One of the reasons a lot of people go to Las Vegas is to gamble. They love to visit the casinos on the strip and try their hands at roulette or craps. It’s no secret that casinos like to serve free drinks in the hopes that people may feel better about losing money. There’s nothing illegal about it. You aren’t forced to drink alcohol. But because the drinks are free, people do tend to drink more than they normally would. This can cause them to take greater risks than normal. For example, someone who normally wouldn’t spend more than $100 out for the night may gamble about as much as $500. The next morning, they realize what they’ve done and feel terrible.

For some people, a night out at the casino can cost thousands, not hundreds, of dollars. They get started and just don’t know when to stop. They drink two or three alcoholic beverages an hour. The next thing they know, it’s 3 a.m. and they’ve drained their entire bank account. They may have even taken out cash advances on credit cards which can costs hundreds of dollars in fees and interest. They worry how they’ll be able to pay their bills now that they’ve lost so much money. But they don’t blame the casino – they blame themselves.

But what if this is wrong? Is it possible that the casino may be responsible for you losing money? One way to find out if you are eligible to sue a casino is by meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.

Believe it Or Not, You May Have a Valid Claim to Sue a Casino

Most people would agree that, if you drink too much and lose at the casinos, it’s on you. Nobody put a gun to your head and insisted that you drink. And nobody forced you to continue to put money in the slot machines. But still, it seems wrong that a company would be allowed to ply you with drinks and then watch you lose thousands of dollars. And, for a few plaintiffs, this was the case.

The courts in New Jersey, for example, have awarded damages to a man who said the casinos in Atlantic City got him drunk and then issued loans to him. He borrowed casino credit in order to continue gambling. The man lost over $250,000 in a single gambling binge. The courts in Nevada have decided these cases in a similar fashion. Most cases filed against the Las Vegas casinos are settled quietly and quickly. The casinos don’t want to go to trial in a case like this and set a legal precedent. This could be good news for people like you who are upset that they’ve lost so much in a Las Vegas casino.

Would a Skilled Personal Injury in Las Vegas Take This Kind of Case?

If you’re not sure if you have a claim – or, worry that a lawyer won’t take this kind of case – don’t worry. All you have to do is call and schedule a free consultation with our office. You can sit down and explain what happened. The attorney will check to see if your case has any value. But be forewarned. Most attorneys wouldn’t take a case like this. For example, if you only lost a few hundred, or even a few thousand cases, it wouldn’t make sense to file suit. It would cost more to file the lawsuit then you’d get in a settlement. This is why attorneys are always careful about what kinds of cases they accept. If they don’t think your case has value, they’ll let you know.

Call an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas Today

If you’ve lost thousands of dollars in the Las Vegas casinos, you may feel terrible. You’re afraid of what your spouse or partner may think. You have no way to make your mortgage and car payments. It felt right at the time, but now you think you only lost so much because you were drunk. Had the casino waitresses and bartenders not encouraged you to order so many drinks, you wouldn’t have lost so much money. If you truly think you are eligible to sue a casino, call and schedule a free initial consultation with our office. Odds are, you won’t have a valid claim for damages. But the only way to know for sure is to talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer in Nevada.