How Hard is it to Sue the Township for a Premises Liability Claim?

Premises Liability Claim

Suing a city is difficult, but suing a city for an injury is a little different. Yes, it’s still a civil case, but when it involves an injury, there are only a few things that you really need to drill into, such as to cause and care. These two elements can make your premises liability claim easier, although no case against the township or city will ever be easy.

If you have damages, bills, or other issues that make it difficult to recover from a fall, trip, or other accident, then contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. It’s with proper legal guidance that you can take strong and decisive action against the town that failed you.

Slip and Falls on City Property

The most common premises liability case is a slip and fall. Those accidents are not only hurtful but embarrassing. So much so that many people try to brush it off rather than seek the medical attention that they need. It is so critical to get medical attention and care after a slip and fall.

Falling on city property isn’t inherently the city’s fault. In fact, many people try to sue the city when it was actually their fault, such as texting and walking, then tripping over a lip that was clearly visible. It’s not that there’s anything that the city can do more than painting lips or steps and posting signs.

Broken Sidewalk Lips and Other Dangers

Slip and falls or trips and falls are among the most common, but it’s clear that you did something to sustain an injury. Broken sidewalks are among the top risks as anyone walking down the street could trip and break bones, injure joints past repair, or even take on injuries such as abrasions. Every year there are millions of fall-related emergency room trips.

Other dangers can include trees that impede the visibility of both drivers and pedestrians. Other issues include weather-related injuries such as sliding on ice. Through the winter months, Las Vegas can have snow, especially in the early morning hours. However, because this weather is inconsistent, the city does not put any effort into putting down salt or even slip hazard signs. This lack of attention can lead to a case against the city.

What is Duty of Care and Causation in a Premises Liability Claim?

The two things that people need to prove in personal injury or liability cases is that the person at fault, or in this case the township, owed that person a duty of care and caused their injury — using an attorney to go through these elements you can build a very strong case against a township. Even if getting the case is difficult, once everything is in motion, it’s clear that having a strong case will substantially change the possible outcomes.

Unlike other instances, you must take extra steps when filing a claim against a municipality or township. For example, you only have 30-days to notify them of the injury. The city of Las Vegas has a dedicated claim process, which you can start by showing up to City Hall or by calling their office.

The city does fight hard to argue that they aren’t liable for any injuries. However, there is a clear causation that you can prove in some situations. A single crack in the sidewalk does not make the city liable. However, a sidewalk that is terrible to walk through has exposed tree roots growing out of it and is severely uneven can make for a good case of causation. It’s very difficult to show causation in ice or snow conditions because the city regularly argues that it’s not responsible for maintaining the city through weather conditions. Especially when they are uncommon weather conditions for the area.

Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney for Help with Your Premises Liability Claim

Finding the right personal injury attorney in Las Vegas is a challenge because you need someone who will stand up to the city of Las Vegas and pin responsibility on the township. Many lawyers prefer to stay in good standing with the city where they work, but when the city is at fault, it’s clear that they need to take responsibility.

At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, we aggressively pursue anyone who is at fault for your injuries. There’s not much you can do without an attorney, and the best step is to find someone who understands your case and can stand up to assertive legal teams. Contact our Las Vegas personal injury law office for guidance and help.