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The Lakes has an ever-increasing number of car accidents as more and more drivers are taking to the local roads. A car accident can result in injuries to any degree of severity and cause years of treatment and many costly medical bills as well. Even a small accident can cause injuries serious enough to change your life if not just your carefully balanced financial plan. But, this is where our talented car accident lawyers in The Lakes can help you recover financial aid for your injuries from the party at fault.


At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, we are proud of the twenty-year history of helping car accident victims get their compensation and thereby get their lives back on track in The Lakes, NV. We started out small but over time we came to be known as one of the most widely respected personal injury firms among the local insurance and personal injury sector. Our goals have always remained the same, get our clients as much compensation as we can because even cash is often not enough to restore a life changed by a car accident.


We invite you to meet with our experts and find out what we can do for you and your case. Call us at (702)710-9964 and get your free consultation today.

How Can The Lakes Car Accident Lawyer Improve My Case?

Most importantly, we understand the blow that can impact your smooth mental function in the aftermath of an accident. Insurance companies understand this as well and will arrive as the “sympathetic and friendly” agents of benevolence, trying their “best” to help you out. But, don’t believe it for a second, insurance companies are businesses like any other and they can’t protect their interests by paying out to every claim. They arrive to get you to agree to as little coverage as possible.


Some of the underhanded methods they have no qualms in applying to reach these goals might include some of these techniques.


They will ask you a seemingly innocuous question like “How are you doing?” Because any decent person will not naturally regale a perfect stranger with their physical conditions, you will probably respond with “I am fine, thanks” or even “much better”. They will then use this statement to reduce the amount of coverage they will provide.


They may offer you a certain amount of money right away before you have had a chance to get yourself examined by a medical professional and actually get a good idea of how bad the situation actually is. The idea is to get you to jump at some cash fast before you have had a chance to think things over.


They may draw out your request for an extended period of time while your needs grow larger and your resources become smaller. After being besieged by great need, many victims will cave in and accept some low ball figure rather than their rightful compensation.


They may even try to turn the whole thing on you. Insurance agencies are especially talented at making the victim seem like the at-fault party and have no qualms about accusing a victim of exaggerating their injuries.


Without a deeper understanding of the ways these insurance agencies operate, one can easily be taken in by their clever ploys. This is without even mentioning the team of skilled lawyers experienced in finding ways to poke holes in an insurance claim to void having to payout.


When you are counseled and represented by an experienced car accident lawyer, you have a strong ally who understands the machinations of an insurance company. It is not uncommon to hear an insurance company change their offers from one sentence to the next after hearing the mention of a lawyer taking on the case.

Every case is different and it will be necessary to count all the costs, but here are some of the costs related to your accident that can be recovered by the insurance provider.


  • Doctors fees, hospital bills, and other medical expenses
  • The cost of medicine
  • Car repair costs or replacements for a totaled car
  • Lost wages, if you had to miss work because of the accident

Naturally, the more serious injuries sustained in an accident, the higher the accidents victims are likely to recover –– especially those accidents that result in long-term and life-changing injuries. Of course, we understand that no cash recovered can ever actually restore life to the way everything was before an accident, but the compensation is a great support to those who will feel their lives gravely affected.

A man speaking with an insurance adjuster after an accident.
Let Christian Morris Trial Attorneys deal with the insurance companies for you.

What Costs Can I Recover In A Car Accident Case?

How Can I Tell If My Claim In The Lakes Is Legitimate?

It is not always easy to tell whether your car accident is valid or not. In addition to sometimes being bewildered after an accident, not everyone has the same perspective the law will take on an accident. But, most accidents are caused by someone’s failure to follow the safety rules and traffic codes. The legal term for those that behave carelessly while operating a motor vehicle is “negligence” and it means that the negligent party must make restitution.


Almost any type of car accident can lead to a valid claim:


  • Rear-end accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Head-on crashes
  • Accidents where a victim suffers whiplash
  • Weather-related accidents
  • Accidents caused by defective tires“T-bone” collisions

We also have experience in getting compensation for drivers who are not insured or those that vanished before any information could be gathered. Our personal injury lawyers have years of experience and will help you determine the best course of legal action following an accident and/or injury.

The lawsuit is not always necessary. It is necessary to consider that it might be necessary, but this only happens if the insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement. Over tour many years of practice, Christian Morris Trial Attorneys has gotten a feel for the direction a case will take and can make important suggestions on what to do next. If we feel you have a good chance to win the fight in court, we will let you know.


But in our experience, we have found it most convenient to work things out in a settlement and negotiations. To do this, it is important to present a solid case that takes time and skill to craft. We always begin our cases with a full investigation into the accident and full documentation of all the injuries and damages suffered. With a properly organized and expertly crafted case, the insurance companies will often reconsider their offer.

Will I Need To File A Lawsuit And Go To Court?

Reputable car accident lawyers will not charge you upfront for their legal services. At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, our simple and fair payment plan places no risk on the victim:


  • You can consult with us for free
  • If you hire us, we won’t charge you anything out of pocket
  • We won’t ask you to pay anything –– unless we get money for you

When we win the case for you we will take some of the money and the rest will be yours. This will ensure you are not left without alternatives when you need them most.

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost In The Lakes?

Do The Lakes Have A Deadline For Car Accident Claims?

Yes. The Lakes and the State of Nevada have strict deadlines under both state and federal law. Those that miss the dealing will run the risk of not being able to make a claim. In some cases, the time limit is two years. In other cases, it could possibly only a few months. The deadline for your situation will depend on the circumstances surrounding your situation. The only way to know what the time limit for your case is, you will want to speak with a qualified lawyer.

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