What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Nevada?

dangerous roads in Nevada

Driving through dangerous roads in Nevada can sometimes become life-threatening. Although the Silver State offers adventure, natural beauty, and fun, the residents and tourists should be aware of the dangerous roads in the area. Dangerous roads are prone to accidents. In 2019, around 39,107 people lost their lives in accidents.

It is always better to be vigilant while planning your trip. Las Vegas being a popular tourist destination attracts many people from all over the world. If you plan on traveling to Las Vegas, you should know about these four roads that have seen several accidents throughout the year.

Most Dangerous Roads in Nevada:

Here are some of the most dangerous roads that exist in Nevada:

1. Mt. Rose Highway:

Mt. Rose Highway is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Nevada. The road is elevated to approximately 9,000 ft. at the summit, known as one of the highest elevated roads. Interestingly, the road remains open throughout the year. The highway connects Reno to Lake Tahoe. The scenic beauty throughout the road attracts many visitors. However, the steep twists and turns make it highly unpredictable and dangerous.

This highway witnessed more than 300 motor accidents in just the last three winters. Despite the newly implemented requirement for snow chains, it is advised to take alternate routes. In extreme weather conditions, this road becomes very dangerous. In winter, you should drive carefully while maintaining a safe distance between vehicles to avoid accidents.

2. The Loneliest Road; Highway 50:

The loneliest road in America, Highway 50, is also on the list of most dangerous roads in Nevada. The danger of the road can be estimated by the statement of a counselor when he recommended motorcyclists to avoid using Highway 50 unless they are very sure of their survival skills.

The road is considered the loneliest because of its long endless stretch through a desert that leads to mountainous foothills. Highway 50 is extremely dangerous if you face any trouble with your vehicle, simply run out of gas or face an accident; mainly because there is no cell service or gas station in a 250-mile patch. If it is necessary to take the highway, you should be well prepared for the trip. It is advised to take all precautions, keep extra gas, water, food, and a blanket along with a highway 50 survival guide.

3. Vegas – Phoenix; US 93:

Nationally US 93 is considered the most dangerous highway. According to Value Penguin, a website that ranks roads according to the number of fatal crashes and number of people killed, US 93 has been recently ranked as the most deadly highway in the United States. So, if you are planning for a relaxing route to travel from Phoenix to Vegas, you should avoid US 93.

90 people died in fatal accidents on the highway from 2010 to 2016. In case of emergencies, the response wait time is quite a lot. For this reason, the road has been ranked at number 4 when it comes to having the worst emergency response wait time in the US. It is not the safest way to travel on this road. If you have to take this route, take precautions and plan your trip wisely. In case you suffer from an injury, immediately contact a car accident lawyer.

4. Vegas Strip:

Another road that makes it to the list of topmost dangerous roads in Nevada is Vegas Strip. The unique shows, poker rooms available for 24 hours, drinking and driving are the key reasons for fatal crashes, especially in Las Vegas. From 2005-2008, around 100 people died; all due to the involvement of a drunk driver. The section of the Vegas Strip from I-15 is extremely dangerous. If you are planning a night out, you need to plan a safe way on your trip back. It is essential to protect yourself adequately; follow the traffic rules and don’t drink and drive.

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