There’s a Good Chance Your Insurance Claim May Be Denied This Holiday Season

Lawyer explaining to the client how their insurance claim may be denied this holiday season

As we approach the end of the year, insurance companies are more likely to deny your car accident claim. Most companies budget a certain amount of money to be paid out throughout the year. Once they get to December, they may have already reached this limit. This means two things. Either your insurance claim may be denied this holiday season outright. Or, they’ll push your settlement off until after the new year.

If you get into an accident during the holidays, there’s a higher chance your claim will be denied. Or, it will be delayed. Insurance companies, like a lot of other companies, slow down toward the end of the year. People take off during the holidays. Businesses keep shorter hours. This means that it’s harder to get the insurance adjuster on the phone. It also gets harder to get them to answer emails.

This is why you’re better off if you have a Las Vegas car accident attorney. They have relationships with a lot of the insurance companies. They may have a better chance of getting the insurance adjuster on the phone. The insurance company will also be more willing to negotiate a settlement with your Las Vegas car accident lawyer.

Why Are Insurance Companies More Likely to Deny Your Claim?

It frustrates your Nevada car accident lawyer that the insurance company becomes less willing to pay claims toward the end of the year. But they won’t be as frustrated as you. You need your money in order to fix your car. You have medical bills piling up. Your attorney understands how frustrating this can be.

While it may seem unfair or unkind, there are common reasons why your insurance claim may be denied. Some of these reasons include:

  • They truly don’t believe their client caused the crash
  • They believe your injuries existed long before the accident
  • The claim is large and they’d rather take their chances later on
  • You have a long history of filing claims
  • The policy wasn’t valid or had lapsed for non-payment

For most of these reasons, your lawyer can help file an appeal. However, if the policy wasn’t valid, there’s nothing they can do. Nothing they say will convince an insurance adjuster to pay out a claim on a policy that wasn’t valid.

The Good News is That Your Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer May Be Able to Negotiate a Higher Settlement

As frustrating as it can be to have to wait, there is a silver lining. Your Las Vegas car accident lawyer may actually be able to use the delay to your advantage. If they wait a few months, they may be able to get you more money. Here are a few of the reasons why this may happen:

  • The insurance company can build your settlement proceeds into next year’s finances
  • The insurance company and defendant’s lawyer won’t think you’re desperate for money before the end of the year
  • It gives your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer more time to negotiate a settlement

Once your attorney negotiates your settlement, you’ll be able to receive your proceeds. This can take a few months. The more patient you are, the better your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

What Kind of Damages Will Your Nevada Injury Lawyer Demand?

Your Las Vegas, NV personal injury lawyer will demand the following when it comes to damages:

  • Medical Bills: You can provide evidence of any out of pocket medical bills you had to pay. And, your insurance company can provide explanation of benefit forms to show how much they paid out already.
  • Lost Wages: You could miss weeks or months from work. If this is the case, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages.
  • Property Damage: You’ll need to fix or replace your car after the accident. These are the kinds of expenses that should be covered by the defendant’s insurance.
  • Pain and Suffering: Of course, if you suffer a lot of pain, you can demand pain and suffering. This is often estimated to be worth about three times the total of your medical bills.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you or your loved one have their insurance claim denied, give us a call. Our attorneys in Las Vegas have relationships with the insurance companies and may be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. It costs nothing to meet with an attorney for the first time so you really have nothing to lose.