The Top 10 Reasons for Why Car Accidents in Nevada Happen

Car Accident in Las Vegas

There is a fairly high rate of car accidents in Nevada. Nearly 300 residents of the city die in fatal car accidents each year and many more are injured. The leading reasons for the majority of car accidents in Nevada are interestingly least commonly regarded by drivers.

Here are 10 causes of car accidents in Nevada that you might want to keep in mind to avoid playing a part in one:

1) Improper Lane Change:

For one reason or another, some people are habitual of not remaining in the proper lane. This might not sound like a grave issue until you get to know that more than 40 people are killed every year in crashes that are caused by improper lane change. Drivers often try drifting out of their current lane and end up in the path of an oncoming vehicle, ending up both vehicles in a crash.

2) Distracted Driving:

Around 3,500 distracted driving accidents are reported in Nevada annually. If you tend to text back or even make a quick call while driving, think twice before you decide to do either of those as it can prove to be disastrous. Distracted driving also includes eating and drinking, changing music, or setting the air controls, among others. The moment you take your focus off the road, you’re prone to getting into a crash.

3) Running a Stop Sign:

According to police reports, more than 700,000 car accidents occur every year at stop signs. There is even a fine of $1,000 for running a stop sign in Nevada. Moreover, up to four demerit points are marked on your driving record. So, ignoring a stop sign is not an option. Come to a complete stop, and before you proceed, look both ways.

4) Failure to Yield Right-Of-Way:

Drivers failing to yield to another’s right-of-way is another common cause of car accidents in Nevada. Close to 25 people lose their life each year due to this and an average of 6,500 cars are crashed in total. If you wish to avoid a right-of-way collision, get a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations.

5) Teenage Drivers:

It is a widely known fact that drivers over the age of 20 are more stable at driving than young drivers. Reason being that the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed in teenage drivers, making them three times more prone to reckless driving and poor decision making.

6) Impaired Driving:

28.8% of all car accidents in Nevada are linked to impaired driving. Being under the influence of alcohol slows down reflexes, and affects the decision-making capability of the driver. Besides the fact that drunk drivers struggle to maintain control, they are unpredictable and erratic, and because of that, other drivers struggle to predict their driving.

7) Reckless Driving:

Reckless driving causes more than 4,200 accidents and around 20 deaths annually. In an effort to rush to their destination, reckless drivers often become a threat to other driver’s safety. Their unpredictable behavior comes in the way of other drivers and they have to face the fatal consequences even while not being at fault.

8) Tailgating:

Tailgating is considered one of the A-line road rage behaviors and is considered more dangerous than others as it can result in multi-car accidents. It is important to maintain a distance from the front car so that if the car ahead suddenly pulls the brakes for some reason, the rear car would have time to compensate.

9) Driver Fatigue:

As per the report of the National Safety Council, a sleepless drive longer than 20 hours has an adverse effect on the driving abilities of a person. Their brain functioning equals that of a person with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 percent. This makes tired drivers three times more of a liable threat to the other drivers than a well-rested driver.

10) Drowsy Driving:

Drowsy drivers have a low reaction time and are unable to maintain their focus on driving. They are likely to fall prey to a road haze, and struggle to safely drive their vehicle. Sometimes, drowsy drivers even fall asleep while driving and their car continues to accelerate despite the fact that no one is controlling it. This can lead the driver into a serious accident, including rear-end collisions and head-on collisions.

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