Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle wreck, get in contact with an experienced attorney that handles motorcycle accidents in Nevada.

According to data from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), for every 100,000 fatal road accidents, an average of 13 will involve cars, while 72 will involve motorbikes. The riders and their passenger also face a significant risk of deadly collisions or crashes per mile. That means they are 35 times more likely to die in an accident for every mile traveled than a car driver/passenger.

In 2004, there was 37,304 fatalities in accidents that involved vehicles. During that year, 4,008 motorcyclists died on the roads in the United States. Those fortunate enough to survive often walk away with significant injuries.

People must become more appreciative of the need to understand the causes of motorbike accidents and how they can avoid them. Moreover, riders should learn how to determine who is at fault for the incident so that they can take legal action if desired. Here we will discuss some of the most common things that lead to motorcycle accidents in Nevada.

Vehicles Making a Left Turn

Motorcycles are of a smaller build than their four-wheel counterparts. Given their size, these machines can be hard to spot. That is why drivers turning left often collide with motorcyclists. Therefore, they should not negotiate the turn in haste. Many drivers will only be on the lookout for oncoming cars from the other lane and miss seeing the motorbike. Such accidents are prevalent in rural areas, though they also happen in urban cities.

Bikers Taking Turns Too Fast

Riders that have a love for speed will, at times, make sharp turns. This can cause them to lose control and crash. Often, incidents of this nature are considered unsafe riding and involve inexperienced motorcyclists. Riders that have yet to get the hang of things don’t always realize how quickly roads can change, and don’t know if their bike can handle a turn at a certain speed. Ideally, riding out the corner to allow the motorcycle to come out of it safely can help avoid the accident. But the rider will be the one liable for the crash even if the road changed unexpectedly from straight to curved.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a dangerous habit on any road in America, which is why it is illegal in many states. It is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Nevada. Riders driving between two lanes face a significant risk of a collision because of the minimal room left for maneuvering. The small proximity to adjacent vehicles, coupled with the fact that the driver does not expect the motorcyclist to pass them when stopped or moving slowly in traffic, are other factors that could be at play.

Debris on the Road

Cars usually don’t have any trouble running over a bit of gravel or a patch of slick road. But the same cannot be said of motorcycles when they encounter such things on the road. They often end up crashing, even if they are an experienced rider. The blame for such an accident will mostly be on the local jurisdiction because the road was in poor condition. However, there are instances where no one is officially liable for the crash.

Bad Weather

Extreme weather conditions can make it hard for motorcycles and cars to drive safely. Windy days, rain, ice, or snow coupled with poor road conditions are a recipe for disaster on the highways. When adverse weather comes knocking unexpectedly, it can be hard or even impossible for a rider to make any safety adjustments until they get off the road. But icy and wet conditions can also make it difficult to stop since the surfaces are slippery. Drivers and bikers should maintain a safe distance from those in front of them on the road in bad weather, and take safety precautions when riding a motorcycle in bad weather.

Inexperienced or Poorly Trained Riders

Every motorcyclist must spend dozens of hours taking riding classes that qualify them to operate a motorbike alone on the public roads. With proper education covering prudent riding and safety, bikers can lower the risk of getting into an accident.

Contact An Attorney Who Handles Motorcycle Accidents In Nevada

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents in Nevada. From bad driving habits, poor road conditions, adverse weather, and negligence drivers, anything can be blamed. However, if a car driver is responsible, you can take legal action and seek compensation for your damages.
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