Truck Accident Regulation Violations in Nevada; A Brief Overview

truck-accident-regulation violations

Truck accidents in Nevada are known to be some of the most catastrophic ones as hundreds of people lose their lives every year in these horrific crashes. According to reports, 11% of all road accidents involved trucks and most of them turned out to be fatal. To change this dreadful reality, authorities have implemented strict laws and regulations. These rules have been put into place so truck drivers can be more vigilant and fewer lethal accidents happen on the highway. However, there are still many truck accident regulation violations in Nevada due to which the problem remains unresolved.

Most common Truck Accident Regulation Violations in Nevada:

Here are some of the most common types of violations:

1. Absence of Medical Examination Card:

Before a driver hits the road, they need to undergo a thorough medical examination to ensure that they don’t have any problem that could potentially hamper their driving ability. The eyesight of the driver is checked, their previous medical history is checked and some minor tests are conducted to eliminate any possible risks.

Most trucking companies do perform complete medical examinations of their drivers and submit a form to the regulatory body in Nevada. However, there are quite a few companies that blatantly violate this regulation.

By ignoring crucial regulations, companies tend to forget that they are not only putting the driver’s life at risk but are also risking the valuable lives of other people on the road. Hence, all drivers must get checked before they start driving on the main roads. This will not only help them in performing their duty better but they will be able to perform it responsibly.

2. Poor Maintenance of Trucks:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has obligated companies to work on the maintenance of their vehicle, especially trucks. If trucks are not properly maintained then multiple problems could emerge. For example, tires could burst on the road, the engine may seize midway, or the brakes could fail.

All of these problems could lead to a major disaster. To avoid such circumstances, drivers are recommended to get their trucks checked timely. Ensure that the air pressure in the tires is proper, the oil is changed and the brakes are swift.

3. Putting in Long Hours:

Another major truck accident regulation violation in Nevada by drivers is lack of sleep. Sleep is essential for any being and without having at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep, one cannot operate at optimum capacity. However, with truck drivers, this is usually not the case and a lot of them violate this rule. They tend to drive for long stretches without taking any rest in between. This makes them drowsy and less attentive on the road leading, to major accidents.

According to FMCSA, drivers have to take a 30-minute break after every 8 hours. They are also advised to take a 10-hour break after a 14 hours shift and even during the 14 hours they are on duty, the FMCSA advises them to not drive for more than 11 hours.

These rules have been set not just for the safety of the people on the roads but for the better mental and physical well-being of the driver.  A small amount of negligence in sleep can amount to a huge loss. For the same reason, companies should strictly monitor the duty hours of their drivers.

4. Overloaded Trucks:

FMCSA has mandated trucking companies about the weight they load on specific trucks. This helps the trucks to maintain stability and have a smooth ride on the road. Unfortunately, in some states, a blatant violation of this rule is carried out and truck drivers are seen carrying a lot more weight than what is designated. This makes the truck unstable and more prone to road accidents, creating problems for everyone.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Nevada if You Have Been a Victim of These Violations:

Trucking companies need to follow regulations to safeguard the lives of other people on the road. Despite the strict implementation of laws, some truck drivers tend to be careless. If you have been a victim of truck accident regulation violations in Nevada, then you can immediately contact a professional truck accident attorney. They can help you in getting the right compensation for your loss and ensure that you get your due right. One should never hesitate to contact an experienced attorney because they can truly turn the entire situation around for you.