Average Car Crash Settlement Amounts in Las Vegas

car accident in Las Vegas

You are probably thinking about how much compensation you might receive in a settlement if you are dealing with a serious injury after a car accident in Las Vegas. This is a completely justified concern. Your ability to pay for your medical expenses, other out-of-pocket expenses, and any lost earnings will depend upon the amount of your settlement. Your settlement can also cover the internal suffering and mental trauma caused to you by the accident, which is covered under the head of “non-economic” damages. Such damages include loss of consortium, PTSD, loss of enjoyment of life, and so on.

As per the data collated by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 311 deaths reported in Nevada in 2017, down from 329 in the previous year.

Not every car crash injury case is identical. The settlements of such cases vary according to the details of the case. The ideal way to establish the accurate amount of your final settlement is to consult with a professional and competent lawyer, who will guide you throughout the way. Nowadays, it seems like the internet can be the solution to all your problems. However, crucial legal cases should be left out for lawyers to handle due to the complexities of such cases. As time is of the essence, the sooner you reach out to us, the better it is for determining the ultimate fate of your case.

Average Car Accident Settlement:

In America, $20,000 is the average amount of settlement received in a car accident claim. This shows a major upward tick when this average amount was $15,000 in 2013. These figures are based on impacts involving bodily injury. Settlement amounts are much lower in claims where there is only property damage.

It is important to note that these amounts are estimated averages based on numerous injuries a person may sustain, and while they seem low, these are not the final amounts in every case scenario. The amounts for severe bodily injuries may range much higher than this average.

Car Accident Injury Settlement Amounts:

The figure of your final settlement is devised using a particular formula. Your physical injury is always the starting point. It is essential to get yourself medically treated as soon as possible, as these numbers constitute the grounds for your ultimate settlement. It is better safe than sorry therefore do not hesitate to get CT scans or X-rays if recommended by your doctor.

Ensure proper documentation of everything, so that it may assist you in solidifying your injury claim. Calculating any lost earnings is the next step of the process. Any lost wages may be added up in your payout. You can simply do this math by multiplying your per-day wage rate into the number of days you have missed at work.

Once you have accounted for all the monetary losses, it is time to determine the non-economic losses that cannot be easily quantifiable, such as internal suffering and pain. Another example is the loss of consortium by family members in the case of wrongful death along with disfigurement, which may dramatically lower your self-esteem and confidence.

A role of the multiplier effect is played by the non-monetary damages. The multiplier effect has a directly proportional relationship with the severity of the injuries. For severe bodily damages, this multiplier can be as high as 10.

How Much Does One Get for Pain and Suffering?

Every citizen is aware that they are able to claim damages for suffering and pain, as Nevada is an “at-fault” state. Until and unless the accident victims have suffered a serious injury, the other states may prevent them to claim benefits. The definition of a “serious injury” can be somewhat ambiguous and can become a hurdle that the injured victims have to overcome. In a state such as Nevada, it is easier to claim damages for pain and suffering.

Minor Car Accident Settlement Amounts:

You will receive a lower settlement amount if you have sustained a minor car accident. This is due to the fact that minor car impacts do not tend to cause major injuries. Although the multiplier will be low, you may still claim the damages for pain and suffering. Moreover, your medical expenses to be reimbursed through the claim will also be low.

Average Settlement for a Back Injury from a Car Accident in Las Vegas:

Back injuries can be minor on one hand, and extremely severe on the other hand. Therefore, it is very complex to extrapolate a particular amount of compensation to all back injuries.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney to Deal with Your Car Accident in Las Vegas:

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