Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car After a Las Vegas Car Accident

rent-a-car-las vegas car accident

Car accidents leave a devastating impact on your life. You may become worried about the medical, financial, and emotional damages associated with the Las Vegas car accident. However, the first thing you will need right after an accident will be a car or motorcycle. Your car will be needing repair or replacement. The financial settlements with the insurance agency seem like a simple reimbursement task but if you are pursuing it alone it might prove otherwise. The simple process may take a lot of your time to get resolved.

Our team of highly experienced attorneys in Las Vegas works swiftly to represent the victims and ease their process of recovery from physical injuries and financial damages. The financial fallout caused by a negligent party must be recovered and the negligent driver should be held liable for all the damages. We ensure to recover all costs linked with the accident including rental car costs.

Las Vegas Car Accident; Rent-A-Car Locations:

It has been estimated that in 2020, the total number of deaths in motor-vehicle accidents reached 42,060. The rent a car service is easily available at several locations in Las Vegas. Some of the rental car services are available inside collision centers.

The collision and service centers allow people to get accessibility to a rent a car service and keep their life on track even after an accident. After a Las Vegas car accident, you may need to go to work or perform other routine activities that cannot be accomplished without a vehicle.

Age Restrictions to Rent a Car Through an Enterprise in Las Vegas:

If you are old enough to drive a vehicle, then you are old enough to be involved in a car accident. Moreover, you can also become a victim of another person’s negligent behavior resulting in a car crash.

The age restriction is 21 years of age, you must be 21 years of age to avail the rent a car service from an enterprise in Las Vegas. The drivers under the age group of 25 have to pay an additional young driver fee that is approximately $20 per day on top of the rental fee. The car classes’ options may also be restricted depending upon your chosen location.

If your age falls below 21 years yet you face an accident involving a negligent driver, you don’t have to worry, our car accident attorneys aim to recover the cost associated with commuting and traveling after the accident. This involves cab fares, public transport expenses, or Uber charges.

Is Your Enterprise Rental Car Cost Covered in Car Insurance?

Insurance plans are particular to each person’s needs and requirements. It may or may not include the reimbursement for rental car services post-accident. It is essential to contact your insurance company directly to consult your policy terms.

In situations involving a negligent driver, their insurance company is responsible for paying off all the out-of-pocket expenses to the victim including enterprise rental car service or traveling costs after the accident.

This seems to be an easy process, however, the goal of a majority of the insurance companies is to pay as little as possible. The insurance company and the other driver won’t be forthcoming about making these payments. For this reason, you should consult a car accident attorney who will be able to represent your case and obtain the expenses incurred after the accident.

Will Enterprise Rent-A-Car Bill the Insurance Company for My Rental Car?

In case the billing has been finalized with the insurance company, the enterprise rental services will directly bill the insurance company. However, you may be required to pay a deposit fee for which you will be responsible until complete reimbursement payments are made to the rental service. The deposit details may vary according to the policies of each rent-a-car business. They will guide you through the deposit and pricing policy.

Reimbursement for an Enterprise Rent-A-Car After a Las Vegas Accident:

After an accident, if you are hurt due to the negligence of another driver and your vehicle is not in the condition to be driven, you are not responsible for the medical and financial bills draining your pocket due to another person’s carelessness. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you can recover rental service expenses from the insurance company of the other driver alone.

Legal assistance will ease your process while you completely focus on recovery from injuries. Our car accident attorneys will ensure to attain the maximum claim you deserve including car rental expenses for your Las Vegas accident.