Warning Signs of Nursing Home Negligence in Las Vegas, NV

nursing home negligence in nevada

Sending your elders or relatives to nursing homes isn’t easy. People fear that their relatives will be mistreated or abused. At present times, nursing home negligence cases in Las Vegas, NV are quite high. Even the best centers in Nevada are unable to resolve these issues. Residents of nursing homes require attention, care, and concern. Some have mental disabilities while some suffer from physical ailments. No matter what the reason might be, every inmate of such homes deserves the best treatment possible.

However, nowadays specialists have become negligent about their duties which in turn can cause patients to suffer. For such scenarios, one should be aware and look out for the signs. If someone feels that staff members are not behaving properly or that their loved one has suffered trauma at the hands of others, immediately take action.

The state of Nevada has 66 nursing homes in total. Within these homes, there are thousands of patients and each one requires the best possible treatment. People should never blindly trust anyone; always do some backend research. Try to investigate the history of a place before putting the lives of your patients in another person’s hands. In 2020, around 80% of nursing homes were cited for violations and mistreatment. Such a high percentage indicates that individuals need to pay attention to this matter.

Signs Indicating Nursing Home Negligence in Las Vegas, NV:

People with even slight doubts regarding negligence should focus on the following points:

1. Changes in Behavior and Personality:

People being treated harshly tend to isolate themselves. They don’t talk with people and try to avoid everyone around them. Not only do they feel neglected but they feel scared as well. So, if your loved one who was previously jolly has suddenly turned quiet, there might be an issue. Notice the signs such as too much sleeping, disorientation, anxiety, or fear. There is a high possibility that the staff is not behaving properly or is abusing the patient.

2. Unbearable Hygiene Conditions:

The biggest indication of nursing home negligence is uncleanliness. If your patient is not kept clean or there are persistent hygiene issues then it is quite clear that nurses are not attending to patients properly. From dirty hair to overgrown nails and unchanged clothes, all of these indications are proof of negligence. Nursing homes are responsible for providing basic care and assistance. When such institutions fail to do so then they violate their promise of taking care of others.

3. New Injuries Without Any Explanation:

A prominent sign is the appearance of unexplained injuries. Negligence at the hands of others includes physical harm. Appearances of bruises, broken bones, and scratches could be the indication that something is wrong. There is also a possibility that the victim might not explain his situation but you must keep a check.

4. Signs of Bedsores:

Bedsores are painful and cause great discomfort to patients. So, if your dear one is bedridden, do check for bedsores. Make sure that the staff is repositioning your patient throughout the day. Even the slightest mistreatment could prove harmful for the victim.

5. Wrong Medication:

Using wrong medication can prove to be life-threatening. In many instances, nurses often inject patients with the wrong medication which has serious side effects. Always check the name and confirm with the doctor before letting anyone use any kind of drugs.

6. Loss of Weight:

Maltreatment affects the bodyweight of every individual. People suffering abuse tend to lose weight and that too quite rapidly. It could be due to lack of nutrition or abuse. Managing the diet of patients is the responsibility of nurses and other staff members. Never, ignore the sudden weight loss of patients as it could indicate the negligence of nursing home employees.

Getting Legal Help:

Cases related to personal injuries require legal assistance. Don’t take nursing home negligence cases in Las Vegas, NV lightly. If your relatives suffered at the hands of others, then they need to be punished. An experienced lawyer will inform you regarding your rights. By informing authorities within time, you can pursue the ones who wronged your family members. The involvement of lawyers facilitates the whole procedure.

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