Warning Signs of Nursing Home Negligence in Nevada

nursing home negligence in nevada

Nowadays, people are not very comfortable sending their loved ones to nursing homes. They fear that maybe their family members won’t be cared for properly. These people are not wrong to think so because nursing home negligence in Nevada is increasing with each passing day. In fact, nursing home abuse and neglect affect millions of lives each year.

However, most of the time, these cases go unnoticed and unreported. So, if someone believes that their close relative is receiving maltreatment within a nursing home, they should pursue the matter legally. Nevada’s nursing home neglect attorneys can help you get justice for all the pain experienced by your family members.

Nevada has up to 66 nursing homes, and thousands of people live in these places. Each one of them requires maximum attention. Yet, most of the time, the staff is negligent and does not perform their duties. That is the reason why 28,000 people in nursing homes have died of Covid-19, and many times, the ones at fault are negligent staff members. It is clear proof of human suffering, and if people do not pay attention, the matter could worsen. The nurses and other staff members are responsible for giving good care to your loved ones and if they don’t do so, then taking legal action becomes necessary.

How to Confirm Nursing Home Negligence in Nevada:

Nursing home negligence in Nevada is a common issue, and through a few warning signs, one can be sure of it. If anyone feels that something wrong is going on in a nursing home, they should report it to local authorities. The following signs could assist visitors in identifying the negligent behavior of the staff.

1. Changes in Personality:

Often patients getting mistreatment tend to experience personality changes. They become more reserved and scared. Moreover, they avoid people and remain to themselves. Such victims of negligence feel depressed and cannot explain their plight. Thus being a family member, you need to notice these minor things.

Check their behavior pattern and examine things out of the ordinary. Such as sleeping too much or being disoriented can be a signal. Similarly, patients experiencing anxiety or panic attacks could be facing emotional abuse. Go with your instincts and try to find the reason behind these sudden changes in behavior.

2. Uncleanliness:

Nursing homes cater to hundreds of patients and need to maintain a clean environment. However, at times caretakers and nurses within these nursing homes ignore their duties. Thus, leaving the place unclean and untidy. Such staff members also ignore the patient’s hygiene. So, if your family member has a foul odor or has a dirty appearance, they are not getting any attention. This way, it becomes a clear case of nursing home negligence in Nevada or any other place.

3. New Injuries and Wounds:

Any injury can be a sign of physical abuse. When individuals experience abuse, they will have bruises, lacerations, cuts, and sometimes even broken bones. Thus, if a patient has new wounds or unexplained injuries, it’s evident that they face trouble within the nursing home. Likewise, these injuries also indicate that a patient has had a bad fall. Such scenarios occur when the staff doesn’t help the patient move around.

4. Loss of Weight:

It is usual for people to lose weight with age and deteriorating health conditions. However, sudden weight changes are never without reason. Extreme weight loss could indicate that your loved one isn’t getting proper nutrition. Nursing home staff must look after the meals of their residents. Even if someone doesn’t want to eat, the staff needs to ensure that they do not remain on an empty stomach at any point in time.

5. Bedsores:

Bed-bound patients find it challenging to move around. That is why people working within nursing homes need to change their position from time to time. Whenever individuals visit their family members in a nursing home, they need to check for bed sores. In case a patient has them, immediately call the people on duty and reprimand them for their mistake.

Hiring Legal Help:

Nursing homes cater to all kinds of people, and they must fulfill their responsibilities. Do not let go of nursing home negligence in Nevada quickly. If you feel that your loved one suffered physically or mentally due to someone else’s negligence, ensure that there is accountability. It is your right to demand reasonable compensation because it is your family member who suffered.

Here at our firm, we provide experienced professionals who have fought hundreds of similar cases. We aim to cater to our client’s needs and provide them with the best compensation possible. From collecting proof to investigating the truth, we do everything. All you need to do is contact our team and discuss your case.