What Causes Commercial Truck Accidents in Nevada?

Truck accidents in Nevada

Truck accidents in Nevada may not always end in tragedy, but all too many times, they have the tendency to end in brutal injuries and high financial losses. A survey done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2018 showed that the lives of 4,951 people were lost in the U.S. due to truck accidents. It was also noted that about 151,000 people sustained injuries from truck accidents overall. It is safe to say that people who suffered due to these accidents were not just the passengers of commercial trucks. They were also the owners of passenger vehicles. This shows that the price is most heavily paid by car drivers when truck accidents in Nevada occur.

Negligence is a common cause of such accidents. Some truck drivers are distracted and are unable to keep their focus on the road that in some cases, can lead to serious accidents.

Major Causes of Truck Accidents in Nevada:

Commercial trucks are heavy load vehicles as compared to other vehicles. Commercial trucks are larger in size too; This makes it harder for them to stop immediately when the brakes are applied.

There are some major causes of the occurrences of truck accidents in Nevada. Being aware of those reasons can help other passengers avoid getting involved in such horrific accidents.

1. Driving Practices that are Unsafe:

Truck drivers are very well practiced due to regular truck driving to the extent that sometimes they are more relaxed while driving than they should be. Truck drivers also have a tendency to become impatient and fierce. Unsafe driving practices of truck drivers include:

  • Not maintaining the ideal speed
  • Not keeping enough distance from other vehicles
  • Not using indicators when they are about to make a turn
  • Changing their lanes frequently
  • Failure to keep track of blind spots

2. Distracted Truck Drivers:

Truck drivers are often driving long distances, so they try to multitask while driving. They might get distracted due to music or text messaging while driving. Some might get busy using other apps on their phones that they forget to keep a track of what’s ahead of them on the road. Some truck drivers become so negligent that they forget their heavy vehicle could cause some severe damage in case of an accident.

3. Driving Overloaded Trucks:

There are rules that specify the amount of weight trucks are allowed to carry. In some cases, trucks are overloaded which causes serious accidents due to tire blowouts.

4. Insufficient Training:

Some truck drivers are not well-trained to be able to drive commercial trucks. They don’t complete their training period and start driving on highways.

5. Tiredness and Fatigue Due to Long Driving Hours:

Some truck drivers who are driving long hours without any break can get tired, and they might also fall asleep while driving. That’s why there are limitations on driving hours by federal law. But some drivers even ignore these limitations in order to earn more wages.

6. Not Focusing on Truck Maintenance:

Truck companies and drivers, both are liable for the regular maintenance of their trucks. Truck drivers have to ensure their trucks are regularly maintained, and they need to check their trucks before starting their journey. In case of truck accidents due to poor maintenance or faults in the trucks, drivers and trucking companies are held accountable.

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