What Happens When Someone Gets in an Accident When Driving My Car?

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It’s never pleasant when someone gets in an accident. It’s a nasty sight for witnesses and a horrifying experience for the victim. Aside from the shock and bodily injuries the victims may suffer, the vehicles involved may also be damaged.

It’s better to imagine an auto crash than experience it. But vehicular collisions can happen to even the most cautious of us at any time. Since accidents happen unexpectedly, everyone should know what to do when it happens.

But sometimes, we aren’t the ones involved in our car crashes. Someone else may crash your car while driving it and leave you with many decisions to make. As confusing as it may seem, you’d have to do something about it. What will you do in such a situation?

You can take steps to mitigate your liability and safeguard your interests. But your reaction would depend on what caused the accident. You should also contact a Henderson auto accident attorney. We’ll discuss more on this in this article.

What Happens When Someone Crashes My Car?

When someone else crashes your car, you’d like to know who was at fault in the accident. Identifying the at-fault driver will help determine who is liable for any damages. Recognizing the negligent driver is of primary importance, especially in an at-fault state.

If the other driver were the one at fault in Nevada, their insurance company would pay damages. All you need to do is file a personal injury claim with the driver’s insurance. However, if the person driving your car was at fault, your insurance is responsible for the losses and injuries.

Your insurance company may agree to pay for damages up to some amount. In that case, the driver’s insurance should cover the remainder. In other cases, your insurer may decide to deny the claims entirely for some reason. For example, they can claim that your insurance policy doesn’t cover the person who drove your car. If this happens, contact a Henderson car accident lawyer.

What Steps Can I Take After the Crash?

You can only do a few things after someone gets in an accident with your car. One of the first things to do after the mishap is to ensure that everyone is safe. If anyone is injured, you should dial 911 immediately.

You should also call the police department to file a report. If you weren’t there when the accident occurred, instruct the driver on what to do. The next thing to do is gather as much evidence as possible.

You can do this by taking pictures and videos of the scene from different angles. The evidence you take will help to clarify points should the need arise. It would help if you also exchanged contact information with the other drivers involved.

Why It’s Necessary to Contact a Henderson Car Accident Lawyer

Motorists are always advised never to neglect to call an attorney in an automobile crash. It would help if you took that advice too. The best time to call your lawyer is immediately you’re sure of everyone’s safety.

The next best time is as soon as you remember to do so. It’s essential to call your attorney asap because you need legal advice suited to your condition. A car accident lawyer in Henderson, Nevada, is the best person to understand your peculiar predicament and proffer solutions.

They ensure that you do the right things at every point. If the person driving your car were at fault, your attorney would instruct you on reducing your liability. On the other hand, they will also help you recover damages if you’re entitled to them.
Many accident insurance firms don’t like to pay damages. They’ll try to limit their liability through any means possible. To this end, they’ll carry out thorough investigations to discredit your claims. They have experienced lawyers behind them too. The best way to beat them is by getting a lawyer who understands their tricks.

If you live in Nevada, a good Henderson personal injury lawyer will stop at nothing to ensure you get what you merit. They will help you navigate the strenuous processes seamlessly. Your legal counsel will prepare all the paperwork and would defend you in a lawsuit.

Consult a Henderson Auto Accident Attorney Now!

At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, we believe that you deserve the best representation possible in your injury claims. As a result, we’ll match you up with the best auto accident attorney in Henderson for your case. We’ve successfully helped numerous clients get adequate compensation. If someone crashed your car, you shouldn’t panic. Call us right away for a free case review.