When are Expert Witnesses for Car Accidents Needed?

Car Accident in Las Vegas

Only a handful of incidents involving car accidents are clear-cut and require no dispute resolution. However, most car accidents are quite complex and need a subject area specialist’s expertise to level the blame on a single party. If you’re looking for expert witnesses for car accidents in Las Vegas, NV, your best bet would be to consult attorneys representing the area.

The occurrence of car crashes in Nevada is more than 30,000 from 2015 to 2017. This data is available on the interactive website of the Nevada Department of Transportation. Such a high number of car accidents point towards many legal disputes and subsequent blaming of an individual party’s liability. Expert witnesses are the key to resolving such disputes amicably.

Who are Expert Witnesses for Car Accidents in Las Vegas, NV:

When talking about expert witnesses for car accidents, a common question is who these expert witnesses are and what professional field they may be attached to. Expert witnesses are the best in their fields, having vast knowledge of their respective areas.

Several types of expert witnesses can be brought forward by your lawyer or the opposing insurance company to help solve the claim. In the next few lines, we shall discuss those types and the expertise such witnesses possess in solving such a claim.

Types of Expert Witnesses:

Expert witnesses in car accident claims vary from medical experts to mental health professionals to accident reconstructionists. The matter of calling a specific individual will change with the case details and the one most suitable to tilt the ruling in your favor.

1. Medical Expert Witnesses:

Car accidents can be a painful experience for the ones who are involved in severe crashes. After the patient recovery process and the reintegration into everyday life, a person must look for the reimbursement of damages from the liable party.

To make such a claim foolproof, you need a medical expert to tell the judge and jury the extent of your injuries. The medical expert is the best person to tell the court, the type of damages, their severity, and the requirements of future treatments such an accident entails.

The medical expert can also tell the court about following a restrictive lifestyle, thereby requiring certain added expenses.

2. Accident Reconstruction Witnesses:

It is crucial to recreate the accident in any car accident to level the blame or portion of the guilt on a party. Reconstruction specialists often use simulation software to create models of the possibilities of how the accident occurred.

Accident reconstruction specialists use the data available at their disposal. These include front and rear-end damage, accident reports, police reports, videos, and witness statements to recreate the scene of the accident.

3. Mental Health Expert:

Mental health challenges make or break a person, and especially in the aftermath of an ordeal such as a car accident, depression can quickly set in. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common occurrence amongst the survivors of such brutal car accidents.

Mental health experts can guide the concerned authorities about the consequences of being in such a car accident and how it will possibly affect the person in the near future. Such a witness statement can strengthen the case of a person wanting to claim damages.

4. Economic Experts:

If you’re in the court to claim damages, then there’s no better person to ascertain such possible damages than an economic expert. A financial expert can determine your losses based on the damages accrued, your previous salary, and the impending hit to your economic abilities after the accident. They also calculate future medical expenses and job-changing implications.

5. Engineering Experts:

Sometimes your lawyer or insurance company may point out a lack of road safety conditions. It could range from lack of safety signs or misplaced speed bumps. Civil engineers are well-placed to enlighten the court about such infractions, in which case you can claim damages from the requisite authorities.

6. Rehab Experts:

Rehab experts are an essential part of the recovery process of anyone who has suffered physical or mental injuries. A rehab specialist can be your physiotherapist or psychologist. Rehab experts can testify to the court the extent of damages suffered by you and the time required to make a full recovery.

Where to Find Expert Witnesses for Car Accidents in Las Vegas, NV:

If you are looking for expert witnesses for car accidents in Las Vegas, NV, you can scour the legal databases or call us for the best legal consultation. At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, we can guide you on how to proceed forward with your car accident claim and which expert witnesses can make your case stronger.