Who’s Liable for Damages in an Accident in Las Vegas with a Stolen Car?

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Las Vegas is a busy city. Its roads are often jam-packed with traffic, and in such conditions, the chances of accidents increase. However, this is not the only issue faced by the residents of Las Vegas. Car theft is a rising concern in almost every city, including Las Vegas. With this problem, people are more concerned about who will bear the burden if a stolen car causes an accident in Las Vegas.

Cases involving stolen cars can get complicated. There is confusion about which party to blame. Whether a car is stolen or not, if it crashes into another vehicle, there can be serious damage. People will end up injured, and someone needs to be held responsible. Without establishing liability, victims cannot recover damages.

According to statistics, in 2019, about 285 fatal crashes took place in Nevada. There were hundreds of injuries, and dozens lost their lives. These people suffered due to another person’s negligence, so they deserve compensation. An accident leaves a person with physical disabilities and emotional trauma. Both require expensive therapies, which should be paid for by the person at fault.

So, if you or a loved one are involved in a crash where a stolen vehicle caused the problem, get an attorney’s help to determine who to blame.

Can the Owner of a Stolen Car Be Held Responsible for an Accident in Las Vegas?

The owner of a stolen vehicle isn’t held financially liable for an accident in Las Vegas. Their vehicle was stolen, so any form of damage done by it is not their fault. However, there are certain limitations as well. Such as if it was a foreseeable theft, the owner is held accountable. They had an idea that a robbery could happen but did nothing to avoid it, so they are equally responsible for the damage.

For example, a car owner leaving their car engine running or leaving the car without locking it is committing negligence. Usually, an investigation assists experts in finding out if the owner had a share in the entire theft or not. Securing your vehicle is of immense importance.

How Can the Owner of a Parking Premises Be Held Liable?

There are chances that the person owning the parking premises is held responsible for the damages caused by a stolen car. It is possible when a place has no surveillance or monitoring. For example, a garage or a parking lot with no cameras makes the owner partially liable. However, several parking areas have signboards with the message to park at their own risk.

Therefore, the chances of blaming the property owner are rare. In case a valet parking system is involved, the property owner can be blamed. Cars taken by the valet must be kept safe. If a restaurant or a hotel cannot keep your vehicle secure; they have to bear the consequences. Even though the chances of such an incident are rare but having awareness is crucial.

How Much Compensation Does the Insurance Company Offer?

After a car theft, victims file a report. Depending on the evidence, an insurance company compensates them. However, paying for damages caused by a stolen vehicle depend on the scenario. If someone can prove that it was a foreseeable theft, then the car owner’s insurance company will need to pay a certain amount of compensation.

It will be a challenging task to get money from an insurance company. These large firms focus on protecting their interests. Every insurance agency tries to minimize their financial losses, and they do it by diminishing the value of your claim. Thus, at this stage, you require a resourceful attorney.

How Can You Get Compensation for Your Injuries?

According to state laws, victims are paid compensation for their injuries and suffering. The party causing the crash or the owner of the stolen vehicle are the ones who have to pay in this situation. Still, there are some other ways to recover your economic damages. Individuals with personal injury protection in their insurance policies can file a first-party claim for compensation. It will help settle medical bills and lost wages. Whereas for car repairing and other property damage, you can use collision coverage.

Hire a Reputable Law Firm to Fight Your Case:

If you were involved in an accident in Las Vegas caused by a stolen vehicle, get legal help. There are chances that you can still recover your damages. Our experienced team does an excellent job at getting you a significant amount for your suffering. These lawyers have years of training and can handle every situation efficiently. All that you need to do is call our helpline and set a free-of-cost consultation session with our experts.